Marketing Discussion about 400 – 500 words

Marketing Discussion about 400 – 500 words

Despite the fact that many college graduates in marketing start their career in a sales-related position, many students have a negative opinion of sales jobs. What about you? Would you want to work in sales? Why or why not? Do you think the negative opinion of sales people is justified? Why or why not?

Many salespeople, especially those that sell financial products such as life insurance or annuities, earn their salary or a portion of their salary based on the product(s) they convince you to purchase. In addition, buyers are often uneducated about how the sellers make their money and about the product(s) themselves.

What are the ethical obligations the seller has toward the buyer? Should the salesperson disclose how he or she earns his or her money? Is it ethical for a salesperson to try to sell the buyer a product that the salesperson receives a higher commission on? What responsibility does the buyer have in such situations?

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