What is the ONE idea or concept that resonated with you the most? Why ?

Marketing: Final Discussion

After all you have read, studied, and produced, think about this.

The body of knowledge we have reviewed concerning marketing has been broad, and we have covered it in a short time.

What is the ONE idea or concept that resonated with you the most? Why ? How has that changed your perspective on the purchases you will make as a consumer and the decisions you might make on a business were you to start one?

Write a 200-word post and respond to as many others as you can.



Answer Preview……………….

The primary concept that resonated with me the most is the executive dashboard. Before taking this course, I did not have even the foggiest idea on what an executive dashboard is and its importance in the company. This concept has really enlightened my perspective on the organizational leadership. Further, this is an essential leadership and management tool, and it can be used in different departments (Karna, 2017).  I have come to understand that executive dashboards provide a platform for amalgamation of various information in the company instead of having numerous systems. Consequently, the user can alter or manipulate the information contained in this tool, thus enhancing the accessibility. This concept likewise resound in me……………

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