Marketing JP Bomber

Marketing JP Bomber

JP Bombers –

1.- BASES FOR SEGMENTATION & SELECTED TARGET (at least 1/2 page).- Derived from your research insights, describe the bases for market segmentation that are relevant for the business, and provide the profile of the target segment selected. Explain why such bases were employed and why the segment was selected by the team. Organize this section as follows:

a) Bases for segmentation

b) Description of target segment

Please remember: if you take any information from any website. Please do the citation such as (name, page#)

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“Marketing”  “JP bombers”


220 words

Answer Preview…………….

JP Bomber is a restaurant operating in the coastal Texas region. Market segmentation in the hospitality sector is the practice of aiming at a particular customer base to capitalize on sales to earn and maintain customer loyalty and therefore repeat customers. To better market the………………..

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