Marketing Plan Outline

Marketing Plan Outline

This assignment is, again, a continuation of your journey to complete the marketing plan for the product/service which you choose in the first assignment. This week you will write the outline for your marketing plan. Begin this assignment by providing an Executive Summary for your marketing plan. Then using the Executive Summary as a basis create a detailed outline which addresses each section of your marketing plan. Please use the headings below to separate each section of your outline. Your outline should have 2 to 3 levels of detail for each major topic. At the bottom of the outline write a brief conclusion to summarize what you have learned thus far about marketing your product/service. The outline should be in the 2-3 page range. All sources utilized should be identified on the Reference page and cited in the text of your assignment.

Required format:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Objective
  3. SWOT Analysis
  4. Marketing Mix
  5. Target Markets/Audiences
  6. Measurable Results
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

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