Marketing Plans and Customer Satisfaction

Corona beer is the number one imported beer into the United States, and has developed into a global brand (General Distributors, Inc., n.d.). Corona created its competitive advantage through an innovative marketing strategy.

Like Corona beer, identify a recent example of a firm that was cited as having a competitive advantage due to its innovative marketing plan. Respond to the following:

  • Discuss implementation activities that positively impacted customer satisfaction.
  • Describe three advantages and three disadvantages of standardizing the marketing mix worldwide.

response in 300–500 words

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Besides Corona beer. Apple Inc. is the other global firm that have achieved a global competitive advantage as a result of its innovative marketing strategy. Apple’s success lies beyond their design standards and product line. In order to gain a competitive advantage, Apple came with extremely high standards which other firms in the industry could not meet. In order to sustain itself and maintain the competitive advantage, it has to keep on not only coming up with high quality products, but also..

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