Marketing Proposal – Santa Fe Grill: Each week students will be adding new components to the ongoing case study



Complete Part A:

Marketing Proposal – Santa Fe Grill: Each week students will be adding new components to the ongoing case study. A breakdown of the work due each week follows:

Part A:

Title Page

Table of Contents


Segmentation of customer including:

Perceptual Map

Common characteristics of customer and trend lines

Change Matrix: Each week you will be building individual sections of a comprehensive marketing proposal (a research project) for a fictitious company, Santa Fe Grill. In order to ensure each component of the marketing proposal is completed in a manner worthy of the degree you are seeking, you are required to complete and attach a change matrix to the following week’s submission. You must address each of the comments, recommendations, or changes detailed by your instructor before the next week’s work is graded. For example, before grading the components of Wk. 2, you must complete the change matrix and show how you corrected or addressed the feedback offered by your professor from Wk. 1. Your Wk. 2 submissions will, therefore, include the change matrix and a corrected copy of Wk. 1.

Specific Details Regarding this Week’s Assignment:

1. Your paper must meet the writing standards set by APA (6th Ed.)
2. The Table of Contents must be working (e.g., once the reader clicks on a page number, he or she is automatically redirected to that Header).
3. Introduction: Provide a brief overview of the proposal. You will be adding content to this section before final submission of the paper in Wk. 7.
4. Segmentation: Here you are to identify a minimum of three common characteristics of your potential customer.
a. Once these characteristics have been identified, you must conduct outside research to identify the number of potential customers.
b. Using this data, you are to create a bar graph for each one of the three identified characteristic to show the direction of the moving trends.
c. Your graph must be created (i.e., not simply copied from an online source).
5. Create a perceptual map (see page 7 and 305 for examples) for the Santa Fe Grill and their respected industry.

I have attached Chapter 1 & 2. I think the actual case study is in Chapter 1, pages 17-19.



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APA 892 words

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