Marketing Strategy for a New Consumer Product

Marketing Strategy for a New Consumer Product

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Executive Summary

Dyson is a leading player in the production of equipment used in home cleaning. The company has continuously invested its resources in the design and manufacture of new products with adherence to the changing technology to stay ahead of the competition as well as to increase its revenue through diversification. Some of the product lines distributed by the company include a variety of vacuum cleaners that offer convenience for home cleaning as well as light commercial cleaning. The company’s products possess unique features due to the use of the ball and cyclone technologies. The company also uses digital motors that ensure efficiency in energy use by the company’s products as well as the provision of powerful suctions, washable filters and product warranty. The introduction of the cordless vacuum cleaner will build the brand image of the company and also increase the company’s profitability. The paper describes in details the marketing plan of the company in regards to the design and manufacture as well as the release of the product in the market……….

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