Martin Delany’s Advice to Former Slaves

Martin Delany’s Advice to Former Slaves

Title of Essay

Suggestive Approach:


When trying to develop the structure for an essay always understand the importance and purpose of an introduction. The introduction should provide any background information that sets the stage for you to introduce your thesis statement. If you feel that your document does not provide enough background information on your author or the historical time frame, feel free to consult outside resources such as your textbook, notes, or online material. The thesis should address the purpose of your paper and outline body paragraphs. If you are answering a question you should address that question entirely. Your thesis usually concludes your introduction.

Body Paragraphs:

When it comes to developing your body paragraphs it is important to think about the context in which your document was written. What was going on in America at that time? Why was it written? By whom? What does the document actually say? Who was the intended audience? What was the intention/goal(s) of the document? What was achieved? What did you find important about the document? Was there anything left unsaid or do you have any questions for the author? If possible be sure to use examples from classroom lectures, your textbook/notes, and of course material from the document because this is supposed to be a primary source analysis. You should only quote from the document that you have decided to analyze.


The purpose of a conclusion for this course will be to actually conclude something. Simply restating your thesis or rephrasing your essay in four sentences or less is redundant. Do not do this. I want you to actually provide conclusive analysis based on the evidence that you have documented throughout your body paragraphs. Some of the questions posed in the “body paragraphs” section could be used to structure your conclusion around.

I need you to help me to write an essay about “Martin Delany’s Advice to Former Slaves”.

Essay format:

  • 1000 word minimum.
  • 1-inch margins all around.
  • 12-point font.
  • Times New Roman.
  • Double-spaced.
  • No Works Cited Page needed.
  • MLA Citation. Ex: “Insert quote here” (King 14).
  • Header example: Only on first page



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