As a leader, how should you respond when you know your competitors are cheating?

Mass Media Book Presentation


Read the book, and analyze it as a means of mass communication.

This will vary from book to book, but your book (and thus your presentation) might include information for children about how they should act, dress, interact with others, etc. The books may communicate messages about gender, race, or social class.

Children’s books are often meant to teach as well as entertain children. Can you identify the main idea the author wants the child to take away?

Create a presentation in which you show the messages and ideals communicated by the book you chose. Include relevant passages to illustrate your points. If your book is short enough, you may read it to the class.

Feel free to include your own thoughts on the book and its messages—would you read it to a child in your own life? Why or why not?


Answer Preview…………….

The book selected for this presentation is “Little Quack” by Lauren Thompson. This is a very short story but at the same very educative to children from the age of 2-8 years. Further, the author uses very good illustrations to attract the attention of the readers. Since the audience of this book is children, the use of attractive illustrations was important to grab their attention. Consequently, the book is short enough that kids can read within a very short time…..

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