Mastery project

Mastery project

Success Factors Presentation:

Throughout this course, you have examined operations logistics management from eight perspectives: process, capacity, constraints, location, layout, inventory management, planning, and scheduling. You have also been introduced to Lean and the potential it may bring when applied to operations. Prepare a narrated PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes that presents your understanding of the key operations logistics management success factors for the company you selected in Unit 1, taking into consideration all eight of these perspectives. In addition, appraise the value of forecasting to operations logistics management and how that might be of value to the company you selected (NETFLIX). Finally, conclude your presentation with your observations about the potential benefit that Lean may have if applied to logistics management in this company. Your presentation must be evidence based, so at least three sources from course material and scholarly and professional and journal articles written in the last five years are required. In-text citations are required in slides and notes, and a reference slide is also required for your presentation and a references page is required for notes. In-text citations and references must be in APA format. A title slide is also required. The minimum number of slides for this presentation is 12.

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Obviously I will take care of the voice over part..

Im pretty sure you still have the old projects regarding the topic: netflix?

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APA 15 Slides

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