Media Law Matrix


After reading Ch. 16 of the text, identify at least five laws relating to media regulation. Explain how the laws affect mass media and the public. Provide a brief description of ethical issues and considerations. Describe how these ethical considerations are related to the laws you have identified. Cite your sources.


Mass Media Laws Law Effects Related Ethical Issues


Select two issues currently in the media—one local issue and one global issue—related to media in society.   NOTE:  These are media issues, not social issues.  A local issue would be a newspaper or a TV reporter who presented information in a biased fashion or who left out critical information that led viewers/readers to draw and erroneous conclusion.  A global media issue would we the Lara Logan debacle we reviewed in week two (You may not use this example).


Local media issue:


What are the relevant laws related to the issue? In 350 words, explain the legal implications and ethical considerations as they apply to the media’s responsibility.


Global media issue:


Explain the interaction between mass media and government in this issue. In 350 words, explain the effect of the mass media messages related to this issue on society.


Book Info

The Media of Mass Communication, Eleventh Edition

Chapter 16: Media Law

ISBN: 9780205029587 Author: John Vivian

Copyright © Pearson Education (2013)

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The fact that Norway revised its laws to forbid software that will be used to undermine copyright protection, this came as a result of the case that was presented by U.S based Hollywood companies that were fighting against software that was a threat towards protection of intellectual property. The software was used to share property of intellectual nature threatening the Hollywood based companies because income would be diminishing with the invention of the software by the Norwegian gentleman ((Fombad, 2011)…

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