The Mesusa Corporation has decided to increase their employees’ information security awareness. Your task is to find at least three sources of information security awareness training (government or commercial), and write a memo to Bob Kranke, the Chief Information Security Officer, describing the training objectives, cost, length, and who provides the training. You should also provide a recommendation to Mr. Kranke as to which training program to adopt.

You should submit a Word compatible file with good writing, spelling, punctuation, and grammar with proper citations and references.




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Today’s employees require adequate knowledge on the security of any company information that is availed to them and which they use to carry out their duties. This stems from the fact that employees are today exposed to phishing attacks which are sophisticated for example ransomware and CryptoLocker. In today’s world, the users of the information who in most cases are the weak links of the company network security. As a result of this,these …

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