Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Read the BofA case and answer the questions that follow it.

 finance  Mergers and Acquisitions
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label questions as Question 1, Question 2 and so on
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How did the acquisition of Countrywide fit BofA’s business strategy? Be specific. What were the key assumptions implicit in BofA’s business strategy? How did the existence of BofA’s mission and business strategy help the firm move quickly in acquiring Countrywide?

Bank of America’s mission has always been the desire to become the largest consumer bank in America. Despite being able to provide all the other financial services, the bank has still strongly felt that being able to offer mortgage facilities to its clients would turn the tide in its favor. It is because, in America, virtually all households are likely to take a mortgage and to date, this remains the most significant financial commitment for them. This is what has formed the decision behind BofA’s decision to acquire Countrywide, a top mortgage lender in the country. It is the belief that the bank can establish a business relationship with Countrywide’s extensive client base and then offer them the full range of its financial services. This acquisition is thought to be able to increase BofA’s client base and thrust it into the realm of one of the largest consumer banks……….

 APA 1292 words

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