message in Jean Bruller’s (Vercors’) Novel

1) After reading this chapter:  What is the message in Jean Bruller’s (Vercors’) Novel, And You Shall Know Them. What is its significance in a discussion of Neandertals?

2) How were archaic or pre-modern Homo sapiens anatomically different from Homo erectus?  How were they culturally different?

please include a question of your own at the end.

250-300 words

Preview of the answer..

Vercors addresses the inconclusiveness of the law defining murder as the illegal killing of a human being without in any way defining a human being. His novel (and you shall know them) does not resolve the problem, but it does alert readers to the generally ignored existence of it, embracing, among other contexts, the questions of euthanasia and cruelty to animals. He believes that if any of these species would have survived..

APA 476  words

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