Milestones for Project

Milestones for Project

Pleas see attachment for project information and complete the three milestones for the project.
I need you to understand this. This is just the starting of the project. The teacher wants the requirement to approve for the project. I will give you back all this information to use towards the project when its time. Please look at the project information attachment file that has all the information for the future project that you will complete.

You only need to complete an outline for the project, a one page paper on the two leaders (male and female in two different organizations), and at least three sources.

13 hours ago

Please use two good leaders that the teacher will approve. Thanks!

Please remember Annotated Bibliography is the sources you plan on using for the project. It asked for at least three sources but you can have all of them done for the future project. Thanks!

Also, I am being graded on this so please use proper grammar etc.


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