Mini-Lecture E – Attack on Pearl Harbor

Mini-Lecture E – Attack on Pearl Harbor

It is very important for you to comprehend the importance of each discussion to your grade. Discussions are 50% of the course grade. Not meeting minimum words for your essay and responses will result in a substantially lower grade. Not submitting essays and responses that meet the discussion criteria, as per instructions, will also result in a lower grade.

Module # 3 Discussion

  • Students will be required to participate in all 8 discussions in this course. Your grade will be determined by the standards set in each module.

1. In this assignment you are asked to write an essay of no less than 300 words and participate in a discussion. Your essay should be referenced by at least two citations. Read the information I provided in the document ” Proper Example of Essay Presentation.” If you quote something, a number or author’s name must be placed in parenthesis after the quote, then noted at the bottom of the essay in yourbibliography. Same for something you paraphrase anything from another author. If you miss these important instructions, your grade will be lowered. Read as many essays written by others as possible in order see some of the better essays posted by others. Ask yourself, did I forget to include something, overlook any requirements, what can I do to make my essay worth total credit due?

2. Please do not wait until the end of the discussion to participate. Use the college library for scholarly references. You may use GOOGLE for more information for original sources. No WIKI or encyclopedia sources allowed. Do not use either as a source of information.

In every discussion essay for this course, supply your sources. After a sentence or paragraph that you have “borrowed” from any author, use ( page number and author’s name). Then, at the bottom of your essay list your references in a bibliography. You should attempt to use original course for primary information, not WIKI. Using WIKI as you primary source will result in a lower grade. This policy applies to all discussion board postings for your analysis essay.


  • “Choose one of the topics found in the list of Mini-Lectures. Name the video and complete your analysis essay on that topic.

WORD COUNT: Right click on word count, then open in new window” and check the number of words in your analysis essay. Place tht number at the top of your essay and responses.Mini-Lecturess

Mini-Lecture A – Holocaust Victims (One of the worst instances of war against civilians)

· Mini-Lecture B – Japan’s Biological War (Japan’s biological war in Asia and plans to use against the United States)

· Mini-Lecture C – The Potsdam Conference (Leaders of the Big Three Meet at Potsdam to discuss post-war conditions) 

· Mini-Lecture D – Women at Work on the home front During WW II (The world over this was a war of total populations)

· Mini-Lecture E – Attack on Pearl Harbor (Surprise attack on Pearl Harbor)

· Mini-Lecture F – The Casualties of World War II by Country (Military and civilian casualties in the millions)

· Mini-Lecture G – Hitler’s Rise to Power (This documentary presentation folllows Hitler’s rise to power)

· Mini-Lecture H – Japanese Army Attacks City of Nanjing (In 1937 tje Japanese army attack Nanjing and carried some of the worst atrocities of WW II)

· Mini-Lecture I  Atomic Bombs Dropped on Japan (Two atomic bombs dropped on two cities and the war ends shortly thereafter)

Mini-Lecture J – Korean Women Made Into Prostitutes (Japanese army creates “comfort stations” which used Korean and other Asian women who had been forced into prostitution)

· Mini-Lecture K – Genral MacArther Accepts Japanese Surrender (On the USS Missouri our Supreme Allied Commander, MaArthur, accepts the surrender of Japan)

Answer preview……….

The YouTube video provided tells a chilling account of the Japanese surprise attack on American soil at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The United States joined World War II because of this attack (Attack on Pearl Harbor, n.d.).

The United States and Japan had been at odds for decades.  Japan wanted to expand into its neighbor’s territory and take over its import market. Japan invaded China in 1937 because they lacked important resources and knew they could get some of these resources as well as cheap labor if they did (Spielvogel, 2018, p. 839). The United States did not like Japan’s attack on China. As a result, the United States tried to halt Japan’s progress by banning exports to the country such as oil and raw materials (Spielvogel, 2018, p. 839). The U.S. efforts were unsuccessful as Japan was determined to stand their ground. Japan decided that war with the United States was inevitable (Spielvogel, 2018, p. 839)………

APA 733 words

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