Minimum 1 page

Minimum 1 page

For your Chapter 11 assignment, the chapter materials of concern effectively addressed by the discussion of these three questions:

1) What is the difference between a threatened species and an endangered species?

2) What is a marine mammal?

3) What theory is behind the assertion that humans either cause or contribute to global warming?

To what extent is there overlap between threatened & endangered species and marine mammals?

Answering in a single coherent response, to what extent is there overlap between threatened & endangered species and marine mammals and to what extent does human activity and global warming affect threatened & endangered species?

For this assignment, if you are able to answer these questions and their relationship to each other using only class and text materials, you may omit citations and references. APA formatting


Here is the book for this class, please use it as a source and try to use outside sources:

Schroeder, K. (2007) Environmental Law. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Answer Preview…………….

The endangered species act (ESA) is one of several laws that serve to protect the environment and it primarily aims to conserve species that are threatened with world extinction. Under this law, a distinction between endangered species and threatened species is defined. The Federal Endangered Species Act of 1973 defines endangered species as species that are currently on the brink of extinction. On the other hand, threatened species are those which are likely to be on the verge of extinction in the foreseeable future (Schroeder, 2007). This difference in species also defines the actions taken to protect them. ESA gives much attention to endangered species…………

APA 392 words

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