In this assignment, you will be provided a fictitious study

In this assignment, you will be provided a fictitious study

Steroids and Behavior

In this assignment, you will be provided a fictitious study.

  • Click here to download the study.
  • Enter the data from the given study into Minitab. Click here to download Minitab software.
  • Look at the variable values and read the descriptions of the variables. Which values appear to be unrealistic?
  • Note: You must change the variable names to eight characters or less. Do these values have anything in common?
  • Use Minitab to obtain the descriptive statistics.
    • Save the Minitab data sheet to a file and submit it with the final document. Eliminate the unrealistic values from the analysis by deleting the data for those values and use an asterisk (*) for missing variables.
    • Why do you think these values are unrealistic?
    • Run the descriptive statistics again and then write a statement on what the eliminated values had in common. Would it be acceptable to eliminate these values from the study you would like to publish? Include the two results files and your comments about what the values had in common and prepare a report in a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document.
  • Support your responses with examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format.

This needs to be completed in a Minitab express.



Answer Preview…………….

The study provided indicating various usage of steroids over time has varying data. The steroids column represents the duration in weeks experienced with using steroids. Grip strength shows the capacity of a person during the specified duration. The McGuthry aggression inventory is represented using the aggression column. Happiness shows the mood of the person during the study while investigator represents the official given the mandate to run on the person………………

APA 343 words

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