Mission Vision, and You

Think about your current or former place of employment or a business where you would like to work: NIKE

Write a 500-word paper in which you address the following:

  • What is the NIKE’s mission statement?
  • What is the NIKE’s vision statement?
  • What role do these have on the way the business operates? Do the company’s actions seem to align to their vision and mission statements?
  • How might the mission and vision of the organization affect or guide you as an employee or manager in the company? (I don’t work there however I would like to. I’ve liked NIKE ever since kid watching Michael Jordan commercials)
  • If the company does not have a mission or vision statement, what might be the effect of that?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

preview of the answer..

The vision statement of the company is the defining standard for every component of the business that it will engage in while its mission is the means in the form of activities, tasks, and operations that will be used to achieve its vision. It is common knowledge in management that organizations that have consistently achieved success over long periods of time do so because it has a clearly defined vision that is communicated and understood by all its stakeholders. Also, the alignment of this and the mission statement makes the management of such an organization easy. This essay will analyze the mission and vision statement..

APA 584 words

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