he use of mobile devices in our society today has indeed become ubiquitous

Mobile Computing

Chapter 14 – From the week’s chapter reading, we learn from the authors that, the use of mobile devices in our society today has indeed become ubiquitous. In addition, CTIA asserted that over 326 million mobile devices were in use within The United States as of December 2012 – an estimated growth of more than 100 percent penetration rate with users carrying more than one device with notable continues growth. From this research, it’s evident that mobile computing has vastly accelerated in popularity over the last decade due to several factors noted by the authors in our chapter reading.

Q1: In consideration with this revelation, identify and name these factors, and provide a brief discussion about them?

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Some of the factors contributing to increase mobile computing are powerful networks and devices. The smart phones in the current generation are equipped with fast memories, dual core processors as well as storage. Also, Wi-fi hotspots, faster 3G and 4G are now available leading to increased use. Availability of pre-integrated applications is another factor (2019). Almost everything has an application for instance restaurants hence encouraging the increase of mobile computing……………….

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