Modernist, Post-Modernist, and Post-Colonial Literature

Modernist, Post-Modernist, and Post-Colonial Literature

Discussion Post

As you explored three major categories this week with modernism, post-modernism, and post-colonial literature, what were your favorite author and short story of the readings? Why?

For your initial post, choose one of the readings to discuss. (A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings GABRIEL GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ [1928–2014] )

Please refer to the specific elements of the category that you found in the text as well as direct quotes and lines from the reading. You may choose more than one story if you like, but the minimum is to discuss at least one of the short story readings in detail.

  • Name the work and author
  • Give at least three examples from the reading
  • Explain how what characteristics were evident in the story that made it modernist, post-modernist, or postcolonial according to your course content lessons folder. Please note: You may include magical realism under the post-colonial category.



Answer Preview……………….

The author selected in this case is Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the work chosen for this discussion is “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” (Gale, 2016).  This work begins with the fantastical concept that Pelayo and Elisenda’s home has been flooded with crabs amid a storm. The crabs are depicted the reader, not as the outcome of the magic or the symbol of something particularly bizarre but rather as just a necessary part of the world. The art of modernism has been depicted  throughout the novel; it is depicted by the fact that the novel was established in the period between the 19th and 20th century. Different characters in the novel like Pelayo all through his actions portrayed modernism as a significant concept and stylistic writing common after the first World War……………..

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