Module 06- Follow-up Memo

Module 06- Follow-up Memo

Congratulations as you successfully made it through your company’s HR meeting. As the final piece to this puzzle you are being asked to create a follow up memo to be distributed to all employees.

This memo is not required to be in APA formatting and must reach at least one page in length. The memo must:

  • Thank your employees for attending
  • Give an overview of what was discussed at the meeting
  • Leave your employees informed about what it means to make an ethical decision in the workplace.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

This is a continuation of the modules u have been working on and your company

1pg memo

Answer Preview…………….

In connection to the previous meeting that was held on 11th November 2018, I thank all of you who attended the meeting. Kindly know your support and active participation was highly appreciated. For those who did not make to the meeting consult with your supervisors for the brief and guidance for the new laid policies. Also, remember that due to the new emerging issues and future expected trends affecting the beverage industries, the Human Resource department would be we pleased to tackle and guide all staff on all matters that may arise — the various factors affecting the company that were discussed include…………..

APA 284 words

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