Module 4: Discussion 2

ategory: Discussions

Period: FALL15-C-8

Based upon the text, essay, and your own experiences, identify and describe the work-family dilemma most employees face. Then evaluate some of the proposed solutions, (these can be what your own company provides, or what the text describes, e.g. flextime, work sharing arrangements, etc.), to these work-family dilemmas. (Tip: be sure to apply the relevant data and research from your reading).

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It is usually the wish by many people to be in a position to balance between their careers and families. Such individuals want to do their jobs effectively, and at the same time spend some time with their families. This scenario leads to them using the work time flexibility to try and balance the two. Under this type of arrangement, individuals come up with their own start and end times of their work every day. However, these times ensure the individuals stays in the normal schedule. Here, no work time is lost. For instance..

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