Morality and Human Nature

Morality and Human Nature

Determine two (2) strategies that law enforcement organizations can use to ensure that their employees do what is good instead of focusing on what they can get out of a particular situation.

Read the article titled “Ethics Training for Police” located at arch&article id=1054&issue id=112006. Next, compare and contrast which of kohiberg’s stages of moral development found in the text correspond with those stages outlined in the article as they relate to law enforcement officer ethics training.

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Over the past years there have been many unfortunate incidents between communities and the law enforcement. The media however chooses to focus on the negative and this ends up painting a false negative picture about law enforcement. The first step is to ensure that the people being served in the communities value the work of law enforcement and see them as an assist rather than people who are trying to make things worse. The media has to learn not only to focus reporting on..

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