Motivating and Inspiring Employees

Motivating and Inspiring Employees

From our first discussion question you discussed how innovation will impact the future of your industry. Discuss how you would motivate and inspire your team. Also, discuss what you will have to change with your leadership approach to be open and flexible to new ideas.Please reference all work in APA format

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The Information and Communication Technology industry is at the forefront of almost every breakthrough in today’s world. Through advances in ICT, the world has become a smaller place. Information, and in extension technology, flows in a more fluid way than it did even ten years ago. It is important that we all understand that barring any sudden and unexpected catastrophe, the future of the IT industry has nowhere to go but up. As providers of IT solutions, it is important to bee innovative. After all, we work to provide solutions. Our objective is to streamline the operations of companies. In so doing, we make the respective industries more efficient. It corresponds to our bottom lines as a business…

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