Movie review about American history

Movie review about American history

Movie Review:

You will write a movie review on

the film of your choice relevant to the topics and time

period of the course (1877-present). Guidelines for this assignment as well as a

sample are available on Canvas. This is the major writing assignment for the course and it is worth

approximately 1/4 of your grade, therefore it should be taken seriously. If

you have any questions regarding this assignment, don’t hesitate to ask your professor.

Read this two files first cause this is very important for this essay.

 American history  movie review 1877-present  Long Writing  self-choice movie description 10 pages, Double Spacing
Hi, how are you. Before you start writing this essay. I want to make sure that you will read those two files before you start writing. The requirement says that you can’t do the following movie: GONE WITH THE WIND
Outline needed

Answer Preview…………….

 The film The Tuskegee Airmen presents an overview of the integration of the first African American military aviators in the U.S Army Air Corps (AAC). The films documents and retells the stories of the Black aviators who rose above the discrimination and segregation of African Americans in the U.S Airforce and their contributions to the World War II.  The film basically starts with a group of African American men who…………………

APA 3041 words

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