Movies review and analysis

The Rubric for Final Paper for your reference.

Please watch the 24 movie and make the movie review and analysis.

Please follow the guidelines.

Please follow the direction:

1) Do not plagiarize, the professor is strict and will know. (I also want a plagiarism report)

2) The review should by 13 pages. Write more if needed.

3) The writing should be very organized and professional. The professor knows that I am an excellent writer; I can make the information easy to understand and organized.

4) The professor want to make sure that we understand the concept from the movie, so please watch it carefully and make the review and analysis carefully, demonstrate your knowledge and experience. Do not bring examples abort your work the professor know the nature of my work. And follow the final paper guidelines and rubric.

5) Please do your best, I am an excellent student I always get A+ in all my assignment and I do it by myself, but due to an emergency I want you to do my assignments and final papers this week.




preview of the answer..

The edutainment sector continue to muscle itself as the leading agent of social change through its quality productions both on radio and television, however, it is the latter that is greatly impacting givens the use a combination of both sound and video in one platform. The technological advancements in the communication sector have resulted in better productions leading to the evolution of quality productions or television. This raises the need for the understandings of what quality television is all about. This paper examines the conceptual adventurous and narrative nature of the quality television drama  

3675 words APA

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