Great music is an investment: you must apply yourself to understand

Great music is an investment: you must apply yourself to understand

Discussion 3:
Statement One: Great music is an investment: you must apply yourself to understand and
appreciate it. Just as you’ll never gain mastery over anything without effort, you’ll never
improve your ear or musical intelligence through easy listening.
I agree with the statement in that you must apply yourself to truly understand the music.
There is a lot of meaning and emotion behind the lyrics in music and you can take them
any way you want. Music is a great way to express yourself and your feelings, for me I
listen to different genres depending on what mood I am in. I also have certain songs I like
to listen to when im sad or happy just because of what the lyrics say and I can feel the
emotion in the song but that doesn't mean others do the same. Some people listen to
music just because they like the beat or it sounds good they may not fully interpret what
the song means but they still appreciate it and I think that is okay. I do think listing
deeply to songs helps improve the understanding of music and everyone should have
there choosing of what music they appreciate.

Discussion 4:
Musical Divides:
One of the more controversial rock groups of our time, Nickelback has received
their fair share of insults and hate. But why is it that so many people dislike this
group, so much so that Nickelback has become almost a permanent internet
meme? Many people would say that it is due to their simple and somewhat
confusing lyrics. Others might say it is because all their songs sound strikingly
similar due to their resistance to try new things. In defense of the ladder point,
this rock band may have adopted the belief of "if it isn't broke, why fix it?"
According to BMG, since their debut in 1995, Nickelback has released 23
chart-topping songs and sold out 12 consecutive international tours. As
someone who has grown up listening to Nickelback, I found that I enjoyed and
paid more attention to the intonations and harmonies of the lead singer's voice
than to what the lyrics actually were. Nevertheless, upon listening to them
nowadays, I can certainly see where people are coming from in voicing their



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