Natural Disasters and Research in Criminal Justice homework

Natural Disasters and Research in Criminal Justice homework

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of survey research. Provide explanatory examples. What various survey methods will or can you use for your thesis? How will you accomplish this? How can you use the survey results to test your hypothesis? Provide specific questions in your survey that will allow you to test your hypothesis.


The hypothesis is – Males who are victims of domestic violence are likely to suffer more emotional and physical burdens than those who are not abused. 

Provide 10 questions in your survey that will allow you to test your hypothesis.

The use of survey methods for the data collection aspect of the research has several benefits that include the acquisition of lots of information from a large sample from the population in a cost effective manner. Also, it is a more reliable method for investigating a phenomenon and studying a concept from a variety of subjects than other approaches such qualitative interview (Dillman, Smyth, & Christian, 2014). An example of these strengths can be observed from the proposed study here questions in the survey material that would be to the male of victims of domestic violence would be the same for all the participants and mailed to them at the same time with one unit cost. Also, the information provided would be reliable because of the privacy the questionnaire affords them while providing the data. An additional strength of the survey method that would be valuable to the proposed study is the generalizability and versatility of the data collection method.

It can be applied to participants from diverse backgrounds and used to test the thesis on stigmatization and the hypothesis that male victims of domestic violence suffer more emotional and physical burden than their non-abused counterparts. However, the weakness of survey methods that could impair the outcome of this study includes its lack of flexibility and validity issues. For example, the incorrect phrasing of the question regarding the use of abusive words for commenting on the actions of partner or spouse cannot be corrected once during the receipt of the response. Therefore, it would fail to meet the validity requirement because of the absence of the chance to give the respondent other options than the general yes or no answer to the question (Krueger & Casey, 2014). Regardless of these limitations of survey methods, the thesis statement of this study related to the stigmatization of male victims of domestic violence can be argued with the use of the questionnaire by using the question does your partner or spouse threaten you with physical force to test the validity of the null hypothesis that there is no difference in the level of emotional and physical impacts and presence or absence of domestic abuse in the relationship.


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