I need a 3 page Art observational paper

I need a 3 page Art observational paper

This is an observational Art appreciation paper. I have attached the files assignment requirements.

  1.  art 1900s  Artappreciation rinaldo description 3 pages, Double Spacing


MLA style

Museum Project #1 Observational Paper

For the Observational Paper you must choose a work of art from a Washington/Baltimore Area art museum. You can choose any work of art from the art museum’s collection for your project. Remember, for Museum Project #1, the artwork you choose must have been created between 25,000 B.C – 1900.


You will write a paper on one original work of art. It must be a minimum of 800 words.  This is not a research paper. Your observations should be illuminated by the lectures, assignments and readings. It is important to choose something that you can discuss without doing further research (unless you would like to do outside research – you are welcome to do so – on the internet, books, etc). If you do use outside sources, they must be properly credited. Please use MLA format. If you are unsure about how to cite your sources, refer to:https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..


A typical paper will spend the first two pages (or more) describing the art work in detail using terms learned in class (ie. sculpture in the round, complementary colors, iconography, etc.) and possibly providing some background about the artist (but not required).


In the rest of the paper you will compare/contrast the object to 1 artwork that we discussed in the lectures – talking about how the works are similar and/or different. If you decide to do outside research you may want to talk about the work’s significance – how it may be a political statement or an shows an innovative style, for example. Remember, this comparison must be a work that was covered in the class (from the textbook or my lectures).


The paper should be double-spaced and 12-point font in either Times New Roman or Arial and a minimum of 800 words.


************Chosen Artwork********

“Rinaldo and Armida, Anthony van Dyck”

Date: 1628 – 1629

Style: Baroque

Genre: literary painting

Media: oil, canvas

Tag: fictional-characters, Armida, Torquato-Tasso “Gerusalemme-liberata”, Ranaldo

Location: Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA), Baltimore, MD, US

Answer Preview…………….

My visit to the Baltimore Museum of Art was not in vain as I was able to encounter many masterpieces done by various arts ranging from many years ago when art had not developed fully to this art generation that we are living. Many of the arts caught my eye but the most interesting and exciting masterpiece that I loved was done by Anthony van Dyck………………………..

APA 933 words

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