Need help with a discussion question

Need help with a discussion question

  • New technology is always being introduced. Create a list of two (2) of the most important criteria that would help an organization determine when to upgrade or make a technological investment.
  • You have been tasked to secure the latest technology for the sales force coming onboard in the next six months. Compare and contrast two (2) different approaches to securing the latest technology at the very lowest price.


This discussion board is broken down into several different questions that will provide a lot of rationale. In addition, I want you to point out what part(s) of your reading assignment and the online lectures support your conclusion(s) to “how” it adds value and “why” it is an important capability/service. How does it add value to the efficiency and effectiveness? Why is it important? How does it compare to the information in your textbook and its recommendations to create efficiency and effectiveness? The last part of the question is where you want to share your assumptions. As stated in my Weekly Announcement this week, the variables are unique to each organization. What are the different variables to consider before making the decision to purchase technology?

Your initial post should break down each question into multiple parts and provide a minimum of a 5-7 sentence paragraph to discuss each part of the discussion question. If the question has three different parts to it, your responses should consists of at least three paragraphs. It is recommended that you provide a general overview of the topic, provide an answer to the discussion questions and follow it up with the explanation and rationale of how/why you came to that answer. Multiple questions should be answered individually and in detail. Break up different areas of the discussion using proper paragraph format.

Answer Preview…………….

Even though technology is important for the effective functioning of organizations, Introducing technological change in an organization may not be such an easy task. Managers, therefore, have the important role of determining when to upgrade technology or make technological investments. The following are important criteria which can help managers arrive at such decisions……………………..

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