I need help with a project!

I need help with a project!

Hi again ,

Please read the files uploaded and follow the instructions exactly, it is a final project.

Reproduce the outline in Word and submit it with your paper

Use JStor for the Scholarly articles.

Make sure work cited in (Turabian Style).

Use the attached outline to complete your project. Make sure you have included everything found on the outline, this is how I will be grading your final product.

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https://learn.vccs.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-116585788-dt…Use the Turabian Format for:

– Book w/ Author BIBLIOGRAPHY

– Journal Article BIBLIOGRAPHY

Answer Preview…………….

Racism is a divisive concept that is based on the various characteristics of different races. It dictates the superiority or inferiority of one race over the other. This belief makes people disregard the value of diversity such that they discriminate against each other because they undermine other ethnicities or races.  Racial segregation or separatism is a belief that places the different races apart from each other. Consequently, a person from one race despises another…………………

APA 2432 words

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