need help

need help

I’ve attached the prompt and requirements in this quote.

Rough Draft Due Date (optional): Midnight on Friday, December 1st (on D2l’s Dropbox)

Final Paper Due Date: Midnight on Tuesday, December 12th (On D2l’s Dropbox)

Guidelines: These papers must be at least 5 pages in length (feel free to go over if you want), 12-point font, double-spaced. You must cite your sources using either APA or Chicago style. I don’t care which, just be consistent and follow the rules. You can find these citation styles online.Will you be interested in this? I’ve attached the prompt and requirements in this quote

Work on Option 3 in Red.

5 full pages, about 1500 words, write upto the bottom of the 5th page of text

reading the attached articles, reference and cite them and do intensive research to add more sources and cite them also

Include some journal artciles

The attached sources must be referenced well


also read the class notes

Answer Preview…………….

APA 1775 words