I need a idea for a new product or service APA FORMAT, NO PLAGIARISM

I need a idea for a new product or service APA FORMAT, NO PLAGIARISM

This product or service idea will be used to create your marketing plan for the final project. If your idea is a product, describe the product, its functionality, and how it works. If it is a service, describe the service offering so that readers understand what they would receive. ( I will supply the chosen company)

Ensure that you have adequately described your product or service. By the time your product or service description is written, the reader should understand and be able to envision what you want to bring to market. If you have a service description, the reader should know where you are located, what your service offers, and so on. 

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Tesla Inc. is a company that operates in various segments. The company was established in 2003 by Silicon engineers led by Elon Musk to prove that people could use electric cars for excellent experiences. The company’s head office is located in Palo Alto in California. The company deals with the design, production and development as well as the sale of electric cars. The firm also invests its resources in storages system and the generation of energy (Eberhard &…………………….

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