Networks in Anthropology

Networks in Anthropology

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Readings analysis: An underlying theme for this last week’s lectures is network. Whether it is explicit or implicit, the idea of network is present in almost every reading. Sometimes it is present in the intersection of issues, like the relationship of the gut biome to human immune function. Other examples are the discussion of mycorrhizae in this week’s lectures, in the commodity chain in how sushi went Global, and the intersectional relationship of the four domains in the Tappers’ article on commensality.

a. Briefly explain how network is implicit or explicit in the 3 readings for this week and then

b. Discuss how the concept of network is present in your own research for this course (you’re welcome to email me if you are in a hurry and not feeling the connection).

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The analysis of networks in anthropology is crucial, and it goes beyond mere networking. A network has points and lines, and typically, points would be people while lines would be the social relationships developed. However, points can also be marketplaces, communities, organizations, and even cultures. Lines can be the social relationships or the commodity and information flow lines, and attributes and aspects which may connect two groups in different contexts. More importantly, identifying the networks needs the understanding of whether they are explicitly shown or merely hinted in practice. This week’s readings present the consistent concept of networks in anthropological work and thus show that networks are central to and inevitable in anthropology………

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