New Policy on Email and Internet Use

New Policy on Email and Internet Use

Please see the bottom of page 146 – top of page 147, Task 4.7, in the Activities section of Chapter 4.

  • Read the assignment carefully.
  • You will be doing this assignment on your own, rather than as a member of a team.

Please complete the following tasks:

  1. Read the e-mail message contained in 4.7 carefully.
  2. Identify the writer’s purpose–what is she trying to accomplish?
  3. List the problems presented by the writer’s styletone, and lack of audience awareness.
    • These problems produce a huge obstacle to achieving the purpose of the e-mail.
  4. Re-write the email message, so that the new version reflects a more audience-centered, courteous, and professional approach, while still achieving its important purpose.
    • Limit your assignment to one page!
    • Your email should NOT be a “rough draft.”
      • Rather, it should be as near to complete as possible and should be a document you would give to your supervisor to review
1 page
Answer preview………….

Attached: Email and Internet Policy

Dear Staff Members,

It has come to the attention of my office that some of our esteemed members have been using E-mail and the Internet for personal reasons during company work hours. In this regard, the company is implementing a new E-mail and Internet Policy, which will be effective immediately, because such a policy will provide the necessary guidelines on this matter.

I wish to note that company gives you the right to use these resources for essential and responsible personal reasons. However, E-mail and Internet usage available to a staff..

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