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You have been assigned to be the event planner for the annual stockholder’s meeting for the fictional company called Porter Enterprises, Inc. (PEI). PEI is a $100 Million+ company based in the United States with a multinational presence throughout Europe.

Your assignment as planner is to produce the newsletter announcing the annual meeting, formatting of the company’s yearly budget to be presented at the meeting, and developing the presentation of the budget for the annual shareholders meeting. The event will be held in San Antonio, Texas in December of the current year at the J.W. Marriott San Antonio Hill Country.

Part 1

Create a newsletter (minimum of four pages) using MS Word announcing the annual shareholders meeting of Porter Enterprises, Inc.
This final project accounts for 25% of your final grade. It is the single most important thing you will do in this class. Doing poorly on it will have a very large impact on your final grade.

1. Each page should be in two columns formatted using 10 pt. Arial font, 1-1/2 spacing.

2. Begin with an introductory paragraph which spans the entire width of the first page thanking the reader for being a shareholder and inviting them to the meeting.

3. Design and apply a company logo to the newsletter with this year’s title “Expansion Through Innovation” and theme for the meeting which you will develop.

4. In the body of the newsletter, give a brief agenda announcing the keynote speaker and the other presenters with the topics of their speeches.

5. Include evening activities in and around San Antonio as well as the daytime activities planned for children and spouses. (i.e. tours, dinners, etc.). To show your Internet search skills, use real locations in and around San Antonio.

6. List the name and address of the host hotel with rates. Include a picture.

7. List hotels that may have available rooms other than the host hotel and list other points of interest in the area.

8. Don’t forget the airport and travel information.

9. Don’t forget to have them RSVP to an address or email address.

10. Name the file – PEI Newsletter 

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The company is pleased is pleased to welcome all the shareholders at the annual general meeting. The discussion of the meeting is centered on the sustainability of the growth of Porter’s Enterprises Inc., and this will help in the redefinition of the margins of the company operation and the analysis of the growth of the company assets. The previous year was important in the improvement of the presence of the company in the European market, and this has enabled the sustainability of the projects that the company engages and the analysis of the operating cost of the company. The meeting will focus on the priority that the company has given to the growth efforts and the interest of the shareholders that drives the business. The competitiveness that exists in the market has created the need to analyze the returns that the shareholders will receive at the end of the year and this guides the application of the policy in the competitive returns. With the improvement in the technology, there is an increase in the efforts of the company in the application of the change in performance and this has helped in increasing the competitiveness of the company and enabling growth in the foreign markets. The transformation of the operations of the company is enabled by the change instituted in the company, and this helps in focusing on the development of the operations that increase the returns of the shareholders………

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