Newspaper Report

Newspaper Report

Chapter 18 Discussion: Please answer the following question as if you were a journalist of the time. How would you cover the story pertaining to the question. Are you writing for a newspaper (which one)? As a reporter, why is this story important!! PLease respond to two newspaper reports written by fellow journalists (classmates) Due Sunday by 10 PM!!

Analyze the impact of worldwide mass migrations between 1840 and 1914 on the economies and societies of the places in which the migrants settled.

first write your report, label it and include a reference, 500 words

then respond to each student in 100 words each

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The Massive Migration: What the Future Holds

To – The Washington Post

The years from 1840 have recorded the highest increase in migration with many people moving in the emerging world economies annually. The massive movement is motivated by the rapid industrialization and advancing technology that has facilitated an increase in wages and low cost of living. An overwhelming majority of these migrants to the US arrives from Europe and affect the composition of the American population. The issue of migration has raised a global concern, especially to the Western countries. The concern has forced the US to implement restrictive policies like the Exclusion Act of 1882 to limit further migration of specific ethnic groups like the Chinese into their country (Nunn and Quin, 2007). The US has also introduced the regulated system of passport and visas to control the flow of people across the borders……….

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