Next Steps With Digital Confidence

Next Steps With Digital Confidence

hroughout this course you have met a series of digital mentors who have guided you on your journey towards digital competence AND digital confidence. They have shared with you how they were able to learn to use digital tools to solve problems and achieve business success. Share with your instructor and peers your thoughts on the following:

  1. Identify one (1) digital tool that you learned how to use in this course which you will continue to learn and plan to improve your skills on in your future Strayer courses.
  2. Next, identify one (1) new digital tool that you would like to learn how to use which was not covered in this course. Explain the purpose and some background information on the new tool.
1.5 pgs
refs and cite
Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint were two of the main tools used in class, u may need this for part 1.

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