How did the novels and films from Parts III and IV of the course envision and depict the American dream?

Please answer ONE of the following questions in a concise but well-developed essay (about 2-5) pages double-spaced should do) that incorporates evidence from the materials listed in the question. YOU MUST USE AT LEAST 1 OF THE BOOKS (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and/or American Born Chinese) AND 2 OF THE FILMS (The Grapes of Wrath, Thelma and Louise, and/or Harold and Kumar) from parts III and IV of the course. Failure to do so will result in an automatic C. You are of course, encouraged to use more than that number of major sources.

You will be graded on how well you engage with the question and how clearly you explain your argument.  There is no set “correct” answer to these questions. You have to look at the materials I have provided you with and create your own answer.

YOU SHOULD USE ONLY THE SOURCES FROM THE CLASS (including the linked textbook if you choose). Use of outside sources may result in an automatic C and, if not cited, F  on the paper.


For citations to written documents, please use the following format:  (Author Name, Page #). There is no need to cite my lectures.


In the following question sets, the first (in bold) question is the main one you must answer. The remaining questions are designed to help you answer the question in a logical manner.  Failure to address them may result in lost points.


  1. How did the novels and films from Parts III and IV of the course envision and depict the American dream?(Be sure to discuss 1 book and 2 films).  How did each source depict the American dream and its attainability?  How did the particular contexts in which the sources emerged shape their visions of the American Dream? How does the particular groups of people on which the sources focus shape their visions of the American Dream?

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The American Dream”, is a widespread term describing the American way of life. In general, it is not easy to describe way of life this dream entails as it is something individual. In general terms, the idea behind The American Dream is that every man and woman should be able to achieve anything they want irrespective..

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