Nursing practitioners in Interprofessional teams

Nursing Practitioners in Interprofessional teams

Interprofessional Practice and Collaboration:

The future of health care delivery will require multidisciplinary teams of health care professionals that collaborate to provide patient-centered care. The key to high performance in multidisciplinary teams is an understanding of the distinctive roles, skills, and values and ethics of all team members. What will be your role as an NP and how do you see yourself collaborating with other health care professionals? Why is this important to know and understand? Who benefits? Who are the stakeholders. Support your work with examples and evidence-based research.

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 Interprofessional Practice and Collaboration professionals that collaborate to provide patient-centered care
NP means nurse practitioner
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Teamwork is an essential competence in the offering of healthcare services to people. The division of labor among the nursing, medical and the other professionals of healthcare means that none of the professional no matter how important or respected can deliver an entire episode of healthcare. There is limited information on how to work with teams. It is important for nurses to know their roles in the teams that are found in healthcare settings to be better prepared to deliver their services. Nurses need to understand their role to the different healthcare stakeholders to know how they benefit each of them………

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