Nursing Theory

Nursing Theory

InstructionsUsing the same Nursing Theory as Module 3, complete an evaluation (the assignment we worked on-Roy’s Adaptation Model yesterday: Nursing Theory – due 11am)


of the theory you select as it applies to contemporary nursing. Use the following questions as subheadings; use narrative writing, and follow APA writing guidelines, including acknowledgement of sources. For each question determine if this was a strength or weakness of the theory.You must have a title page and a reference page. The evaluation outline is adapted from the Synthesized Method for Theory Evaluation, McEwen & Wills (2014), p.108. Do not answer with “yes” or “no” responses.

Support your responses with a minimum of (three) references. You may use the course textbook as one of your references, as applicable.

You must check your assignment within one hour after submission. If the assignment is blank or incorrect you must email your coach within that one hour or you will receive a zero on the assignment.

Part II: Theory Analysis

  • Are conceptstheoretically and operationally defined? Describe.
  • Are statementstheoretically and operationally defined? Describe.
  • Is there a model/diagram? Does the model contribute to clarifying the theory? Explain.
  • Are outcomes or consequences stated or predicted?

USE APA. please add citations and Sources



Novice Competent Proficient
Organization Points Range:0 (0%) – 19 (19%)

Did not follow directions. Assignment variables were not addressed. Statements lacked clarity and congruence.

Points Range:20 (20%) – 39 (39%)

Followed most of the directions. Included most variables called for. Statements were written clearly and succinctly.

Points Range:40 (40%) – 60 (60%)

Followed all directions. Included all variables called for. Statements were written clearly and succinctly.

Formatting Points Range:0 (0%) – 5 (5%)

6 or more APA errors References not included or are not credible Citations missing or incorrect No title page

Points Range:6 (6%) – 11 (11%)

4-5 APA errors Missing references or not credible Citations incomplete Title page incorrect

Points Range:12 (12%) – 20 (20%)

Less than 4 APA errors Minimum of 3 references Citations are included and in APA format Correct title page

Grammar Points Range:0 (0%) – 5 (5%)

8 or more errors in grammar

Points Range:6 (6%) – 11 (11%)

5-7 errors in grammar

Points Range:12 (12%) – 20 (20%)

4 or less errors in grammar



 theory  nursing

Answer Preview…………….

The theory-based nursing practice has been one of the common concepts where the development of practical proposition and schematic applications are necessary. However, the theoretical and operational definition of some of the concepts or statements may not be applicable to some theories. When looking at Roy’s Adaptation Model, one finds that the concepts and the statements can be theoretically and operationally defined. There is also the………………..

APA 1253 words

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