observation activity

observation activity

The Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) is a major assessment tool used in state-funded programs, Head Starts, and other kinds of early childhood education programs. The DRDP requires observation and documentation of each child in a wide spectrum of the developmental domains. The emphasis is on observing the children in natural play-based settings, not in “staged” planned “testing” settings. The DRDP is valuable both in getting to know the children and as a planning tool for interest- and ability-based curriculum.

Please go to the following website (highlight and right click) and check out the DRDP.


After looking through the DRDP, identify one measure in one domain and then suggest one activity that you might use to help assess a child on that measure, Write down your findings

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Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) refers to a formal assessment method that was developed for young children and their families by the California Department of Education for use in informing program and instruction development. More importantly, DRDP, which was developed in 2015, is based on those that were formerly developed and thus includes refinements that were made over several years together with new elements that are pivotal in the…………

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