Occupational health and safety

1) Identify the questions you are answering.

2) Make clear headings.

3)  “Discuss” in this context means a complete answer.  Be sure to include explanations and examples that indicate understanding and must be relevant to the assignment.  If you use bullet points be sure to include an explanation of what you listed.

4) No cover page; do not justify (align) the right margin.

5) Normal business font, 12 pitch, no colours, single spaced (Important!!)

6) ALL assignments MUST be word processed attachments.

7)  Please ensure that they are “.docx” format

Provide a complete answer to questions and be disciplined, you are writing for a course in business! Link your answers to the text or other sources as much as possible and be sure to include a bibliography.

Try to get the answers from the text and then use outside sources if necessary to prove the point.


I urge you to stick to the deadlines to stay on top of the workload. New policy requires that I impose penalties on late assignments!!  Time flies!


Just a few more things.  Each question should have a response (answer) as outlined in the assignment description.  There is an opportunity here to do online research as well as providing workplace examples. I Love examples, it shows me that you understand the material.  Try to use the template I have provided, if you do not use the template please ensure that you include name, assignment title, date etc on your assignment. Also please include your name in the assignment title when saving the document. Finally, just a reminder that all assignments are due by midnight Friday night / Saturday morning, please reference the course calendar. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or start a discussion.  Good luck and enjoy the course.

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