On senses and reference

On senses and reference

hello, I need a one page analysis of the reading not basic information.
Talk about the ideas proposed and how the writer feels about it and what is the purpose behind his work

Don’t: fill up the page with basic information about the writer and his background and his birth date and so on

Start with the deep information in the reading directly

Attached is a pdf of the reading

“only from first 7 pages”

Answer preview…………….

On senses and reference

Gottlob Frege proposes that a sign is any word, expression or name that may be used in designating an object and the sense of a sign is dependent upon the mode of its presentation. He argues that presentation mode of an object may correspond to the reference mode of a sign of an object. The object identity to which a sign refers may not depend on the way the sign is presented. He additionally argues that several different signs may designate the same object and the different signs designating the same object may have several different meanings…………

APA 310 words

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