One of the topics that I would like to research is human rights, particularly on minority groups’ rights

Human Rights

Part of your goal in a literature review is to paraphraseLinks to an external site  . the research of other scholars. For this assignment, you should consider potentially relevant research for your project (it is okay if you do not end up using these sources later). Please also check this page, which will outline some important information for this assignment and the final project: An Important Note on Paraphrasing –  see attached file

It is also helpful to refer to:

Notes on Literature Review and Research

And this demonstration from our optional Week 4 meeting.  – see attached screenshot from the video


Please take three (3) to five (5) peer-reviewed academic sources (Links to an external site.) that should be at least somewhat related to your final project (remember, it is okay if this changes and if they are not exactly related). Using paragraph format, practice your paraphrasing and putting the articles “in conversation” with each other as demonstrated in this week’s video on your assignment (see attached screenshot) and the above note on paraphrasing. You should paraphrase while also writing about something. How do the articles link? What do they have to say in relation to each other?

***You should only need one to two sentences per article, focusing on their major points and how they interact (is there agreement? Disagreement?). That will make your assignment approximately 1/2 to 1 page in length.

*** One of the topics that I would like to research is human rights, particularly on minority groups’ rights. Despite such rights being provided by law, people continue to be discriminated against on basis such as; race, gender, age, religious beliefs, political choices, sexual orientation, and so on. Through research, I would like to know if people are aware of the rights and privileges provided by law as well as some of the ways they feel the government is supposed to protect them. This way, I could provide a report to the concerned agencies, through which they can offer the needed help and response.


Subject: English


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