Online Survey

Online Survey

write up a 2 page essay answering the following questions:

1. What is the overall purpose of the survey? I.e., what are the researchers investigating?

2. What did the “Restaurant Scenario” section ask? What was your reaction to these different scenarios? Do you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea for a restaurant to do this from a marketing strategy perspective? Explain.

3. What were the last two questions that the survey asked?

4. In your opinion, which was the most insightful or interesting question? Explain why.

5. Do you think it’s advisable for corporations and brands to make a stand on controversial political and ethical issues? When would it be appropriate and when would it not be appropriate? Explain.

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The survey looks at the perception of the different brands and the customer’s reactions to the companies that participate in the different political issues taking place and issues that seem to be controversial. The investigation of the perception of the consumers is important as there is the identification of the best approaches that help in the protection of the company brands. The restaurant section looks at the attitude of the people on the different stands of the people. The identity of the restaurant is important as it helps in ensuring there is focus on the changes taking place and the announcement of issues that might affect the operations of the restaurant………

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