Topic: What is Organization Structure.



each slide should have bullet points and  speaker notes for further explanations.

Topic: What is Organization Structure.

Create a PowerPoint with a minimum of 10-references from peer-reviewed articles – the research must be based on existing literature. The accompanying PowerPoint deck will have at least 15-slides (not counting the introduction or reference slides). PowerPoint should have quality and professionalism in the slides such as use of templates, graphics, and transitions.

Make sure you follow the above text in bold and can refer to the Text in the attachment. I am unable to provide you the Peer reviewed articles, I request you to search for the articles on the Topic asked and create a powerpoint

The Presentation should be created referring to 10 Peer Reviewed articles and Make sure it has 15 slides (not counting the introduction or reference slides). it would be great if you can provide me notes and the information you put on the slides.


Answer Preview…………….

Organizational Structures plays a very crucial role in Organizations. It is apparent that with the use of structures, various operations in the Organizations runs smoothly as compared to when an Organization does not have structures(Cowan & Jonard, 2015). The process of decision making is very important when it comes to management. With sound and strong Organizational structures, the decision making process is enhanced which lead to increased performance…….

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