Using an organization that you currently work for or have worked for previously, create a PowerPoint presentation

Organizational Analysis

Using an organization that you currently work for or have worked for previously, create a
PowerPoint presentation with the following slides:
1. Slide 1: Introduction of the organization
2. Slide 2: History of the organization
3. Slide 3: Your role within the organization
4. Slides 4 – 10: Describe seven of the following elements related to the organization
(select 7 of 15)
a. IT and Business Strategic Alignment
b. Process Management
c. Supply Chain Management
d. Total Quality Management
e. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
f. Just-in-Time and Lean Systems
g. Customer Relationship Management Systems
h. ITIL, COBIT or another IT governance methodology
i. Transaction Processing Systems
j. Work System Design
k. Inventory Management
l. IT Budget Management
m. Resource Planning
n. Scheduling
o. Project Management
5. Slide 11: Your overall thoughts of the organization
6. Slide 12: References for all slides (full APA formatted references)
For additional content, use the notes view of PowerPoint to include details. Minimize pictures
to those that are relevant to the content.
Assessment criteria (5 points per criteria):
 The presentation makes good use of course concepts/practices/strategies;
 The presentation demonstrates understanding of Operational Excellence practices;
 The presentation demonstrates appropriate application of Operational Excellence
 Thoroughness, appropriateness, and creativity demonstrated by the descriptions;
clarity, organization, coherence, and correctness (spelling, grammar) of the writing,
quoted content where appropriate, and full references.


Answer Preview…………..

The company selected for this project is Apple Inc. Apple is a multinational company that concentrates on a wide range of services and products (Finkle & Mallin, 2010). Apple is based in California and its chief executive officer is Tim Cook. The major services offered by the company include Apple Pay, iCloud services, and software. The products offered include iPhone, iPad, iMacs, iPods, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. When the company was founded, it majorly manufactured computers. Currently, Apple Inc. is among the giant technological companies in the world. Apple has been doing very well in different industries, this is following its leading technology in offering both products and services. It is among the best companies I smartphone and computer industries…………….

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