Describe personality, the way it is measured, and the factors that shape it

Organizational Behavior

Type a 600-word (minimum) paper about the week’s reading material. What is your understanding of the material covered? Also address in your own words:

  • Describe personality, the way it is measured, and the factors that shape it
  • Explain the strengths and weakness of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Describe how the situation affects whether personality predicts behavior
  • Describe the differences between person-job fit and person-organizational job fit.

Refer to the Chapter 5 from the TEXTBOOK attached for this and Follow the proper APA format for the discussion mentioned above and please make sure answer all the four questions

Please refer to chapter 5 in the text book provided, let me know if you have any questions and make sure you follow proper APA format and answer all the four questions mentioned in the summary of this assignment and write the summary for 600 words

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Personality dramatically influences a person behavior. Understanding a person’s personality helps in understanding an individual’s organizational behavior.  Personality is a social image that a person embraces; it is also the reflection of the most prevailing physiognomies in the conduct of a person that is noticeable (Hogan, 2017). In different social settings, including workplaces, people create an impression through their behavior that is greatly influenced by their personality. This paper seeks to explain the influence of personality on organizational behavior…………

APA 741 words

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